Tuesday, February 26, 2013

26 feb 2013

Kate Greenstreet [pic courtesy of John Gallaher]

g) “Give it to me or strike me dead.” There’s nothing to do but feel the disappointment and see where it guides me.

h) “Some people they start with the bugs — y’know, when they’re kids? Always lookin’ at the bugs and wantin’ to know the different names of the bugs. Kids like that grow up, nobody’s surprised if they’re a scientist of some kind. But it could mean other things.”

i) Some people decide to stop talking and pray instead. Like the trees are cleaning the air, they’re praying for the world. Does that help? I have no idea. I doubt it, but we don’t know what would happen if all the people praying for the world were to suddenly stop. . . .

t) I sure like my new pencil, which is transparent, mechanical, and aqua blue.

u) I need to do something with the stuff I’m ingesting, just being alive in the world. To use it, to see it, to place it in relationship to something else. I have to do that to keep going, and it’s what I can do. It’s what I’m fit for.

v) “The process is: you got a buncha shit laying around. Shit that’s broken.”

w) — The way you do art sounds like a kind of filtration system. Or dry cleaning! But instead of returning the clothes cleaned and pressed, you’d offer some other clothes instead.

— Or a pan of rocks, more like it. If you can live without the clothes and want the rocks, you’ve come to the right place. If you need those same clothes back, try the cleaners across the highway.

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