Friday, November 29, 2013

29 November 2013

Riding the Bus to Montevideo

Pan de Azucar, 79 meters
is Uruguay’s highest peak
outcrops of golden flowers
mustard or rape, hills
worn by lifetime rides
snagged in a pond white
plastic masquerades
first as jackal, then horse
highway & neighborhoods
smutted with trash
tin roofs, local stops
acacia kindling, empanada
oven, cypress trees, pine
forest burned to the ground
wooden teepees rise
from stumps, primary colors
clothing store inventory
swings from a fence
pickles & mushrooms
at a roadside stand
the earth is sand
flying fast, patchwork
of clouds the sky, torn
sacks of oca tubers, yellow
& orange, purple & red
balloon a pickup’s bed
El Rey del Lubricante's
festival of rusted junks
forecast a smoother sail

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