Saturday, May 10, 2014

Amy Catanzano

Amy Catanzano [YouTube]

from Amy Catanzano's iEpiphany:


Like flowers taking flight, migration
is always a maiden voyage.

I equip myself with a bionic device for dreaming
through great distances.

You speak in filigree biology.

Tracking the sun across the sky, other things
trade wings, lift off.


what do you call us now that we are flying?

how should we hope to find our way?

what are our ideal conditions for flight?

what about the stem-cell of the document?

can you move closer into view?

how do you carry your ideas home?

what is the purpose of global positioning?

do you ever construct veils in flight?

what is the best way to travel through a wake?

how do you approach magical ships?

how do you distinguish ships from the sea?

when do you swap your wings to swim?

how do you respond to coral reefs?

when do you climb up toward the sky?

what can you see from the satellite?

at what point do you run out of air?

do you consider re-entry a political act?

where do you head first after getting back?

what do you distribute as you fly?

are you making a permanent move?

how do you display your souvenirs?

what do you exchange for speeds of light?

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