Friday, July 4, 2014


Lupinus nootkatensis, Alaskan lupine

the ornamental word
the figure, the accessory form
or colour or reference
is rarely content to die to thought
precisely at the right moment
but will inevitably linger
stirring a long brain-wave behind it
of quite alien associations
                                          — Walter Pater

I spun the mildewed pillow to the least gruesome corner, slept there

the meditative poet, sheltering self
from the agitations of the outward world
is in reality only clearing the scene
for the great exhibitions of emotion
                                                       — Ibid.

miles of lupine in lava
of dandelion
damp rock draped with pale brown moss
green moss
runners of cream flower
tufts of easter pink
rock sculpture
more cairns than a traveler needs
an Arctic Kona

Taraxacum offinale, dandelion

The more you see the country
the more you do not wonder why they shut the door.
                                                                               — Gertrude Stein

windows by Mondrian
quadrangled glass in thick, extruded frames
houses white with bright roofs
or houses bright
sheathed in corrugated iron
or concrete mixed with gray sand

I have often noticed how easy it is to have cement around because everywhere there are rocks & so everywhere if you have the necessary building & equipment you have cement. And in the country, it looks strange, it makes it look like dryness or like snow, like Russia or like sand, like a ruin or like a fog, oh dear some people like to live & look at it & some must, or dear, stop when they see it, oh dear.
                               — Ibid.

life is brutish
& short
improvement is illusory
though grand
love is unforeseen
& unattainable
                      & real

fishes engraved on coins


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