Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sometimes I Wish for

sun instead of rain
freezing rain in lieu of hail
hail after I pull into the garage
a garage attached to the house
a house that feels like home
home for something more than holidays
a holiday on a houseboat
the houseboat where canaries are born
born to walk on water
watered daily unless the roots rot
rot at the heart
a heart with a shot valve
valve missing its handle
a handle on the swinging door
this door darker than the last
last call, last dance, last button
a button less than bus fare
farewell ye bluest bay
the bay window in the music room
room for two grand pianos
pianissimo crescendoing to fortissimo
louder than a klezmer band
band together or part your hair
a hair short of heaven when the tire blows
blow by blow I pummel the bag
a bag of corn candy
candy from the corner store
stored in glass jars with flip-up lids
lids fluttering on a dog’s face
face only a pie could love
love as a way to grace
gravity plus grace after fifty
fifty fleas make a circus
circus tents for half pence
pence, shillings, pounds, guineas
a guinea hen for a wrecking ball
the ball hit over the fence
fence the ram away from the ewes
harmonize ewes for dinner
dinner accessorized with bug zapper
zipper zapper clapper clipper
a clipper ship sails to China
immigrants built the railroads
railroads joined east to west
west of the green spot east of the moon
moon, can I have this moondance with you?

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