Monday, December 24, 2012

foxes & weeds

US Senator Crapo arrested on DUI
Oh my God, he forgot he was a Mormon

Gallup reports the 8 out of 10 countries with most positive emotions:
Panama, Paraguay, El Salvador, Venezuela, Trinidad & Tobago, Guatemala, Ecuador, Costa Rica
is it the weather/drug combo?

clove oil at my wrists, a drop of DigestZen oil in my water  — anise!

head out to weed east & south
particularly berries, but a few weeds east of the acequia distract me
as did more around the willow
my body decides to work around the house, what I see most
so I prune & dig mint, deadhead coreopsis —
the dead stems & flowers ruin the garden
dead & dying matter underneath the plants
likely coreopsis can’t stay beautiful in constant dry heat

a blog of what passes through me
everything I would have fb’d or journaled
today titled Way

why not buy a car in Paraguay
sell our limited-to-driving-in-Argentina car
drive anywhere we want
every one of South America’s thirteen countries
Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile,
Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana
Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, & Venezuela

it can’t be that simple
Argentina will have a law against it

Argentine political analyst Joaquin Morales Solá says:

the speech full of resentment and the policy of confrontation
so ingrained in the national and popular government
have erased any border between good and evil

the subsidies policy without any matching efforts in education or work
resentment from vandals against those who “have” something or very much
the property of somebody else is a right of those living in the margins

the prevailing social doctrine which says anyone can do whatever they wish . . .
because “the ‘have not’ are in their right to take from the ‘haves’

there is a judicial thinking, currently predominant,
which simply wants to abolish the Criminal Code

foxes here are in poor health
shortly after 14:00 on this hot afternoon
this fox drinks from the pond

wanders west

stops for a lick

before disappearing into the vineyard

suddenly a solution

first you see coreopsis

then you don’t

end of problem

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  1. re: coreopsis
    a weed is something growing where you don't want it