Thursday, April 4, 2013

4 apr 2013

yrs truly,1976, Sierra Nevadas [pic by Jay Hosler]

I woke to the word ravasure

ravaged erasure
surely vengeful
a vasture assured
evasive avail
a raptor avatar 
surely avast
vicissitudes of lava
of revision

Apparently there's a World of Warcraft non-combat pet called ravaseur; I'm quite certain that's not where my ravasure stemmed from. Turns out that the French rêvasseur means daydreamer, & yes, I knew the rêve root.

Le Rêve by Édouard Detaille [pic courtesy of Wikimedia Commons]

Read this poem again, & again, memorize it, Creeley, at his best . . .

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  1. kove yrs truly, not sure about la reve, and will likely forget but ruminate on:

    "Now love also
    becomes a reward so
    remote from me I have
    only made it with my mind.

    Here is tedium,
    despair, a painful
    sense of isolation and
    whimsical if pompous

    self-regard. But that image
    is only of the mind’s
    vague structure, vague to me
    because it is my own."