Thursday, May 23, 2013

23 may 2013

Will Alexander [Skylight Press]

Compound Hibernation

Those who glance about me
Who cease to see inside the sun
Who cease to imagine its destabilized pre-quanta
Cannot know me
Cannot know my ethos as pumice
As mingled apparition or flare

My perception through the prior sun that I ingest like a blackened pre-
Or collected hawks
                                       through assignation

The sun with its dualisms
           with its dualisms
With its prebiotic photons which waver

9 suns before the sun existed
Before the oceans seemed formed
                   there were molecular drafts
                     Akashic precursors
                                   floating proto-ammonia

I think of carbon
& whisps
& floodings

Of feral combat shelter
                         where blank geometry accrues

Before separable biology was born
             before the contradictory ballast of de-existent protozoa

Being searching photon by abstentia like a pre-atomic sigil
               destabilized as blizzard
A pre-cognitive rotation
A strange galvanics of the cosmos

& because of this galvanics
          one reeks of invisible tremor
          walking around in league
          with daunting helium affliction

The microns in my skin
Like haunted salamander fluid
Like cells bereft with
        cooling centigrade rotation

I know the abyss as volatile lunar transposition
As sub-liminal mantis as climbing
As splintering

Therefore I am not
                      an oily or blasphemous yogin
Collapsing in default by sudden anger or water

Yet I am compound
Struggling with scattered mental a-rhythmia
With partial psychic aphasia
                    Aloof by interior compounding

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