Saturday, June 15, 2013

15 June 2013

from Rosmarie & Keith Waldrop's Well Well Reality [collaborations]:


whether a man
plough earth or
sea a deep
draught taken without
drawing breath as if
the gods were
banqueting until
an instant forced to age
were drawing to
another nature
closed within deep


This dark
Plots with a green
Hue and I see
Little lines run wild, green
To the sky. Some
Dweller by his
Fire sits through a long
Absence, as
A landscape to a
Blind man's eye.


I could touch prosody
and stroke vertigo into law
if palaces reflected
in anthills or this
change in texture
reflects from a vertical wall


desire is not
difficult if like crystal
crazed here closed and here
half-open different
kinds of air

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