Tuesday, August 27, 2013

27 August 2013

Io moth, Automeris io

Solar Construction Has Detained Me Up to This Point

I dwell savagely in a little house in the Vaucluse
choose life with its conspiratorial sheets
like the wild donkey that feeds on trout
suspended by rings from the curtain rod of the world

individuals are car jacks
shoes of endless birds on horses with algebra nostrils
chewing the smile’s rye
the rain and the diabolo of times gone by

slash my wrist with bits of brown earth
you’ll feel the black and white sun rising in your hair
great water-thoughts covering the pond
despair rolls its big beautiful arums toward the sky

thyme of my dreams, rosemary of my extreme pallor
the space between certain letters
despair of the lampshade around four o’clock
my heart is a cuckoo for God

— gathered from André Breton’s Earthlight, tr. Bill Zavatsky & Zack Rogow

André Breton [Man Ray]

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