Monday, August 25, 2014

Anne Carson

from Anne Carson's Plainwater:

I: Do you dream . . .

M: No I dream of headlights soaking through the fog on a cold spring night

I: Now it is you who is angry

M: I’m not angry I am a liar only now I begin to understand what my dishonesty is what abhorrence is the closer I get there is no hope for a person of my sort I can’t give you facts I can’t distill my history into this or that home truth and go plunging ahead composing miniature versions of the cosmos to fill the slots in your question and answer period it’s not that I don’t pity you it’s not that I don’t understand your human face is smiling at me for some reason it’s not that I don’t know there is an act of interpretation demanded now by which we could all move to the limits of the logic inherent in this activity and peer over the edge but everytime I start in everytime I everytime you see I would have to tell the whole story all over again or else lie so I just lie who are they who are the storytellers who can put an end to stories

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