Wednesday, January 16, 2013

16 enero 2013

Parkinsonia praecox, Sonoran palo verde, brea, [pic courtesy of the Glendale Public Library]

Today we transplanted four breas into our garden, one big, one middle, two small.

the big brea, north border, east of house


on the bristlemallow
a splotch of pink
though bristlemallow flowers salmon-mellow

petal-scattering rose

for the lake Veronica favors a balanced biome
beyond tadpole hatches
lapwings & kiskadees eating them

start out with iris throws

drum of hammers on the half-tiled roof
whine of electric saw
drone of diesel-powered moto

cadence of men speaking castellano

Sewing circle happens on Wednesday afternoons here. Ten stitchers & felters today. Buoyed by confidence gained earlier this month by crocheting a cotton dishcloth, I've begun crocheting a mouse from eggplant-color wool yarn.

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