Thursday, January 24, 2013

24 enero 2013

Francis Ponge [pic courtesy of Eleanor]

from Francis Ponge’s Mute Objects of Expression, tr. Lee Fahnestock:

Complementary Vanities (poetry)
Top-of-their-lungs in abundance tender-feathered
Mimosa chicks
On the côte d’azure are cheeping gold.

Florabundant, top-of-their-lungs, tender-feathered
Between two indefinite blocks of azure
A hundred vainglorious chicks are cheeping gold.

O glorious naifs that once we were
Hatched beneath omega azure
Top-of-our-lungs and feather-bruised
Golden chicks of the mimosa.

Inasmuch as a faithful witness of azure
Nostrils wide breathe their oracles
Florabundant top-of-their-lungs tender-feathered
Chicks of the mimosa cheep of gold.

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