Monday, July 15, 2013

15 July 2013

At 7 AM Saturday morning I posted kitten hunt begins on facebook, emailed anarchist seeks kitty to my local friends, clicked on the craigslist Bay Area pets page. 

Shortly before 11 AM I saw this ad

& responded instantly with please come by my house & my address & telephone number. 

At 2 PM, the phone rang while I was trying to nap. Tor was calling from the downtown library. He said I was the first to respond. I gave him directions & told him I would wait outside on the front deck. 

Ten minutes later a gray Toyota arrived. Tracy stepped out holding a cardboard box. Inside, “Teardrop,” born May 29th, Tracy’s favorite from the litter of four, barely weaned.

We renamed him Squantum. He plays with us, 
sleeps in our arms, sleeps in the bed between us, cries if he finds himself alone, eats soft cat food, drinks warm milk, pees in his box, puts his paws on my face, purrs.

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  1. He couldn't be more beautiful. I'm so happy for you.