Friday, July 5, 2013

5 July 2013

G. C.Waldrep from Lumina, Volume XII, 2013

Pogrom (I)

hivelight grails
the lee-cistern, each
copper beech

drink of this
emproofed entire

plebescite water

pulse-henge, flesh-
henge deflects

the separable soul
from its overlay,

the high song
from its
(~molten milk)

belief emblazons

elm’s mane
slabbed in indigo

brass glade ash
vs. planet capture

my body sifting
flame from   (other)
delible flame

Pogrom (VI)
(Black Jury)

everything smells
like smoke, he said

hiatus or quietus

the federal template

glass ticks feeding
at the warm thigh,

of their fragile
foreheads —

painting unites
all that is worship
within us,

myths of forestry

eastering pricket
from decay’s meat

applaud, my
brother-nation, my
barn-black jury
my wet-nurse,
my rise-and-shine —

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