Wednesday, February 12, 2014

12 February 2014

Aizoaceae, lithops, from λίθος [photo by Janis Fullan]

This Falling

It's gray, then suddenly bright, gray
first dry day after four of rain, it’s undecided
cloud or light stay.

Retirement, a loss of companions
not so much friends as presence
like children, same-age child at the desk ahead.

Lagoon & channel run low despite rain
something else
mechanical draining the banks.

Powered by downs
a shape on a bicycle slingshots
home-school these tests, this falling.

On an average day it’s not likely
a friend will be dealt
cards, a lark, mirror of like, of unlike.

First & last are best, take this
two heels, two spoons of broth, two sips of tea
or this, the idea of lunch.

County worker in chartreuse pinny
officer in serge pants
shorebirds grub mud for honey.

Like glass, few friendships thrive
most age, go to pieces.
The trees hide more once they leaf.

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