Monday, February 24, 2014

24 February 2014

Año Nuevo State Park

Canto 8

Would you like to be an elephant seal?
Rapt, she nods her head
imagines herself, I imagine, asprawl

among dozens on a damp bed,
sandy, nuzzles for teat
or blunderfully sine-waves ahead

aiming to drop her meat
on the bitch shuffling seaward
through the alpha gate.

Adept, she zigzags forward
past each & every male
meaning to shag the award

albeit covering females
is all but reserved to Señor Alpha,
betas quarrel to no avail —

no matter,
the leftover gene pool so shallow
one squirt’s equal to another

assuring this pod will follow
the same route year after year,
out & back to Año Nuevo.

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