Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mario Santiago Papasquiaro

Mario Santiago Papasquiaro [fotolog]

from Mario Santiago Papasquiaro's Advice from 1 Disciple of Marx to 1 Heidegger Fanatic tr. Cole Heinowitz & Alexis Graman:

The world gives you itself in fragments / in splinters:
in 1 melancholy face you glimpse 1 brushstroke by Dürer
in someone happy the grimace of 1 amateur clown
in 1 tree: the trembling of birds sucking from its crook
in 1 flaming summer you catch bits of the universe licking its face . . .

That's how it is on the trapeze on the tightrope
                                                           of this 1,000-ring circus
1 old man rattles on about the thrill he felt at seeing Gagarin
                            fluttering like 1 fly in outer space
& pity the starship wasn't called Icarus I
that Russia is so fiercely anti-Trotskyite
                            & then his voice dissolves / collapses
                                         between cheers & boos

Reality & Desire get thrashed / get chopped up
they spill out over each other
like they never would in 1 of Cernuda's poems
foam runs from the mouth of the 1 who speaks wonders
& it would seem he lived in the clouds
                                 & not on the outskirts of this barrio

The humid air of April / the lewd wind of autumn /
            the hail of August & July
all here present with their fingerprints

piss / what hasn't fertilized this grass
how many sub-minimum-wage gardeners will leave their watery proteins
                             in this trap . . .

A poem is occurring every moment
            for example
that fluttering of mute flies
            over 1 package nobody manages to decipher
how much of it is trash & how much miracle

Cole Heinowitz [Jacket Magazine]

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