Monday, September 2, 2013

2 September 2013


Concise (wooden)
Behind them, the garage door
(Paint sold under a fatuous name:
"Old Rose"
      which brings a war to mind)

And the mind slides over the fence again
Orange against pink and green

Returned of its own accord
It can explain nothing
Give no account

What good? What worth?


You have less than a second
         To live
To try to explain:
Say that light
         in particular wave-lengths
         or bundles wobbling at a given speed
Produces the experience
Orange against pink

Better than a sirloin steak?
A screen by Korin?

The effect of this, taken internally
The effect
                     of beauty
                                         on the mind

There is no equivalent, least of all
These objects
Which ought to manifest
A surface disorientation, pitting
Or striae
Admitting some plausible interpretation

But the cost
Can't be expressed in numbers
Dodging between
            a vagrancy rap
            and the newest electrical brain-curette
Eating what the rich are bullied into giving
Or the poor willingly share
Depriving themselves

More expensive than ambergris
      Although the stink
               isn't as loud. (A few
Wise men have said,
       "Produced the same way . . .
       Vomited out by sick whales.")
Valuable for the same qualities
       Staying-power and penetration
I've squandered every crying dime.

Seattle 17-18:v:55

Ogata Kōrin

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