Thursday, September 5, 2013

5 September 2013

[Nevada Goldfish]

How Do You Sex a Goldfish

I Googled for evidence —

males thinner & longer, hard abdomen
vs soft, symmetric vs off-center,
recessed vs swollen vent.

For three hours it gulped & gasped —
I watched its gills flare
beside the bubbler I installed too late.
Maybe it died of loneliness.

A thousand years ago in China, Wiki says,
goldfish were domesticated —
captive in ponds & bred
raised to be fed to jailers.

Were I willing,
had I the sharpest blade,
I could fillet cartilage from bone,
organ from biddable flesh.

I fished it out with an iced tea spoon
I dug from my garden. In the toilet

next to the polluted tank
I flushed what was left.

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