Friday, January 3, 2014

Dante & the Sea Lions

Martin Ramirez [Ricco/Maresca Gallery]

Dante & the Sea Lions

The divine comedy of sea lions
mandates that everyone goes anywhere.
Circles are how you spline

through waves, then surface & stare
at whoever stands chilly
on the wharf admiring

your choreography — Alvin Ailey
despair! — no human glide
compares to waterborne grand-pliés.

Dozens of you lie splayed
atop, beside the next
gashed & scarred about your hides.

Are the wounds from sparring for sex
or spinning blades? chemicals?
The pale one’s back is flayed, deep red —

it must hurt like hell
unless the maimed creature’s already dead,
queueing for space in Charon's hull.

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