Saturday, January 25, 2014

Loose Veil of Sundown

Loose Veil of Sundown
                                 — a cento

seeing that blind wall approach
I spend my time tending to the animals in me
stub-dicked boys from the Maghreb
Hildigunna the leech, their sister
the horses have not yet been jettisoned
a man in a skirt is never alone
sounds tend to inadvertently mean while sounding
rendering mystical & hermetical
a meadow for gazelles, a cloister for monks
the hacked out cots of silk bog children
technical matters of lexicography
the importance of never seeming stupid
we who ride a board on the back of the seal
stay interested in the lone man’s liberty
this mountain of people in motion
deny what the text actually said
it can no longer be the nation
lyric is invented in bitter exile
language is not where we perform our thought
when you print a poem on it, the paper’s value is lost
what I love to ask is what I know

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  1. wow, this is incredible. You are really are a oner or a Bolshevik. No, what was it you
    said? "I'm an anarchist." I'm so gobsmacked at what a poet you are. Brava, peanut