Tuesday, October 15, 2013

15 October 2013

Stephanie Strickland [Mathematical Poetry]

from Stephanie Strickland's Dragon Logic:



Ingredients                              Instructions

instructions                             map a metaphor or more
                                               to computational processes ( not
                                                              to compositional
                                                                                  capiche? )

                                               twiddle ( de dee ) tweak ( de dum )
                                               execute / run           repeat
                                               till well ( enough )

                                               done oh
                                               will this one

THE SAME interaction the same charge and enormous

speed my brother Finnº my virtual my transient

twin seething with energy some

or none or any at all

except that one

number that makes me

real and not

him he the ghostly the free

loader the thief exuberant slid in under the bell

ºFinn   quantum particles ( the constituents of existence ) have twin particles located
        elsewhere; I have personified a companion virtual twin as Finn

33 Symmetry Axes X 40 Orthogonal Triples;
                Or, Free Will, Revisited

Are you kidding? Quarks, too, can choose?
               Conway and Kochen, old dragons, well
vetted, claim — no — prove, if given a free hand to choose

               their gear direction while quizzing quarks with questions,
                              taking their measure, then, too, whim-

driven & not determined, a particle's response. To be
               precise — the universe's response near the particle un-
determined by the Whole prior history of World Time & Space.

               In fairness, it's the theory's 'strong'
                              ( min, spin, twin ) form — could they claim more?

Imagine haranguing electrons,
               just say no —
Imagine addressing zoomers sans apparatus. Up and at it,

               again, are you, pairs of them grumble, maybe even hiss;
                              gauging us, too, in their stinging way.

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