Thursday, October 24, 2013

24 October 2013

Dismiss Whatever Insults Your Soul

          Out there is a childhood country,
          bleached faces peering in
          with coals for eyes.
                                — Stanley Kunitz

Cursed & ill-cast
iso-booth world —
yes, improvement’s
a hug away,
watermelon spills
from fork to floor,
outsider lured to
what feels like death
met cleanly, body
crimped upon a bike
in painful weather
like a bad witch
with a cursèd baby,
volcanoes & fairies
paid not to look,
a pink house in
a seaside climate
necklaced in loss
formed with a licking
like spider webs,
ladybug bites
narcissists give
& receive — pick up
the twig & chew it.

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