Sunday, December 1, 2013



the removal of a person
abruptly, from a set of conditions
is complicated for the soul
the coal of your own self, the beasts
emblazoned on you
everything only requires my consent
faith in parts of speech & speech acts
independent of the artist
undying moorfowl . . . lotus . . . gentle roebuck
a commodity value can be maintained 
by a system incapable of contact
save in incidents
translating into another's mores
not merely into another language
not interested in wowing, mystifying, entertaining
they prefer to suffer the misery of celibacy
rather than risk the other person
where the mountain hare has lain
a pouch for the peradams to come
the manner, apparently, can be acquired
with a certain amount of education 
to fit the prying of your lips
or feed their wide bright flowering

[from Daumal, Davidson, Hesse, Kapil, Klein, Lawrence, Oppen, Smithson, Yeats, Zweig]

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